A Week and a Lifetime of Emotions

Last Wednesday I wrote and sent out a newsletter article sharing my feelings about that day’s events. Knowing that many others were having feelings like mine, I thought it was a good time to reach out and talk about how to deal with emotions.

I had more subscribers to my newsletter unsubscribe that day then I had any time before that.

A couple of them told me they unsubscribed because I talked about the election and they didn’t agree with me or they were upset that I assumed everyone would agree with me. I’m guessing it’s a similar reason for those who didn’t tell me why.

It’s okay that they unsubscribed. I’m okay with it. Today, however, I started to realize how unfortunate it was. Because it’s not about the election or about Trump or about who supports him…just as it’s not about food or your body!

It is about emotions! Your emotions, my emotions. Because the emotions of our parents/children/neighbors/partner/friends and YOURS are all important! Being able to listen to those you care about… to really listen… is based in your ability to hear their emotions… the feelings that go with what that person is stating in words.

As well, your ability to cope with life’s challenges and with all your relationships has to do with how well you deal with your own emotions!

So my newsletter last week was intended to talk about and to acknowledge the deep emotions that we all feel from time to time. Sure, last Wednesday, those feelings were strong for many people, including myself. And it was my pleasure to reach out to everyone and share my feelings with you, to receive several emails with your feelings shared, and to be able to support you in addressing them more deeply.

That’s what recovery from an eating disorder is all about… being able to tolerate your emotions, and the emotions of others!

One of the most important elements of that is to forgive yourself for not doing it perfectly! After all, perfection may be a big part of why you have disordered eating! Thus, giving you permission to eat to cope was my way of saying… it’s not about perfection but about working toward.

I know you are working toward full healing from disordered eating and body image and I’m very proud of you for that! It takes courage to change. It also takes courage to acknowledge and feel those emotions you may have been pushing away for a very long time!

For me, last week, courage came in the form of expressing myself despite the possible criticism that would come. I have been doing that more the past week, and I’m very proud of myself for that!

I hope you, also, found courage within yourself to move toward your goals… whatever they may be. My message to you is that… your emotions matter a lot! Let yourself acknowledge them and give them the voice and expression they need.

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