Are you Struggling Post 2016 Election?

The results of the election have devastated me! I feel sad, hopeless, terrified, horrified. I am so concerned about the state of this country and all the damage that Trump paired with having a majority in the House and Senate will do! I am concerned about women, children, people of color, people of various religions, queer, gay, the poor, disabled, mentally ill, our environment, and on and on. I’m afraid that my ability to support people will be compromised too.

I am struggling and I’m not ashamed to say it!

If you are struggling too, please continue! Your feelings honor you and they honor me and everyone else who is struggling today! 

Where is the waterproof mascara because I’m going to cry all day! I’m going to turn to my friends that agree. I’m going to be a part of a community that acknowledges and validates my feelings! I’m going to stay in bed a bit longer and sit in front of mindless tv tonight. I might even eat a donut, or two!

Because it’s okay that I want to cry and escape and cry again! It’s okay that I’m having these feelings. It’s even okay to cope with them with food!

If you want to spend some time today in your feelings or in avoiding your feelings with food, or exercise, or whatever you do… that’s okay too! I give you permission and I give you permission to give yourself permission.

I know that when I do these things, I will come out and through it! I will wake up ready to fight another day and to continue to do my part to really make America great.

Today, I’m just going to cope the best I know how!

Last night my boyfriend and his friends recorded this meditation with the election in mind. Allow it to help you bring up the feelings you are having. Or just listen and eat a donut. Exquisite Life Meditations Election Day Angst. To listen to their Solution, for support in recovering and further feelings, click here!

I invite you to let this meditation or anything help you feel more. Because, today, there is a lot to feel about!


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