Neuroscience Advances Eating Disorder Recovery

Live/Online Course:

(33 CEs) Neuroscience Advances Eating Disorder Recovery—The Behavior Decoding Method™ (BDM™) for Clinicians:

An evidenced-based system of tools and strategies that quickly reveal the deeper meaning, messages, and intended positive outcome in a client’s current unwanted or detrimental, but survival-based behaviors. Clients begin to easily re-wire neuro-patterning for safety and survival, allowing for new beliefs, behaviors and identity to form and sustainably replace the disordered ones. This decoding tool also uncovers how a client may disengage and be resistant to treatment and how to turn it around. Imagine clients discovering their own unique solutions that engage and keep them empowered to stay in treatment for full recovery. Dr. Barbara Birsinger, creator of the BDM™, a 33-CE, Certification Program for Licensed Professionals, is offering an innovative course with client video demonstrations and consultations on how to create T-NLP-informed, brain-based transformation of disordered eating and weight-related behaviors, across the spectrum, in a Health At Every Size® context. Dr. Birsinger presents a system of simple yet comprehensive, take-away, hands-on tools that therapists, nutritionists and treatment teams can implement with their clients right away.

Live and recorded Consultation/ Q+A sessions with Barbara Birsinger, ThD, MPH, CEDRD, special guests Ellyn Herb, PhD, CEDS and Anita Johnston, PhD, CEDS, and others on Decoding: Food Cravings in Emotional/Binge Eating; Food Restriction/Anxieties; Weight/Size Wishes; Body Judgments; Body Checking Obsessions; Other’s Comments on Food and Body; Movement Blocks; Compulsive Over-Exercise; and Bulimia. Click here for a Video Demonstration and more details. Contact Dr. Birsinger: 707-799-2982;


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