Giving Up Dieting is Not Giving Up

Giving Up Dieting is Not Giving Up

Being on the diet roller coaster is not fun at all. The ups and downs of how you feel about yourself based on the number on the scale can lead to a lifetime of obsessing about your weight and never getting anywhere, at least not for very long.

I remember how hard it was to ignore the messages of the diet industry and cultural mindsets when I hated my body and thought I couldn’t be fat and loved and desired. I remember how enticing it was to join in when everyone around me was resolving to eat right or lose weight or get thin. I know how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd and declare that dieting isn’t for me!

I understand that you may need a little help being reminded that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from ending the cycle of dieting! Because you are giving up dieting not giving up on you!

What giving up dieting means:

  • No longer feeling ashamed for eating tasty food
  • No longer wanting something to eat but depriving yourself of it
  • No longer feeling a hunger that leads straight to bingeing
  • No longer being crabby from denying yourself food you love
  • No longer saying no to the cake at the party only to binge on one later
  • No longer being in a cycle of losing weight and then gaining it back again
  • No longer fearing weight gain
  • No longer fearing your desire to eat
  • Learning new ways to deal with your feelings rather than emotional eating
  • No more salads unless you really want one
  • Knowing you will want a salad eventually and even soon
  • No longer listening to what someone else says you should eat
  • No more thinking about food all the time
  • No more thinking you can control your body’s weight only to find out once again that your body always wins
  • No more gaining back all the weight and maybe even more
  • No more worrying about what will happen when the diet ends or when you lose control once again
  • No more hating your body
  • No more feeling like a failure

Just a few of the things you will gain (and the reason this is not about giving up at all!):

  • Trusting yourself again
  • Eating a variety of foods and feeling completely satisfied
  • Having a meal last the length of a meal, rather than an on-going torment of dissatisfaction
  • Enjoying vegetables, cooked just the way you like them
  • Eating at a variety of restaurants with your friends and family without thinking about the menu first
  • Closer relationships with those you care about
  • Exercising because you enjoy it and love yourself enough to do it regularly
  • Resting because you don’t feel like exercising that day and feeling perfectly okay with this
  • Learning to not care what your family members or friends say to you about your weight/health
  • Taking responsibility for your health in a way that truly feels healthy
  • Learning to like, accept and even love your body because you see more what it can do rather than what it doesn’t look like
  • Living your life rather than thinking about food and your body all the time
  • And so much more!

So take one small step today toward the direction of giving up dieting so you can find yourself again! Remember that even “small” things are a big deal! It’s not easy to be different.

And get some support! Email or call a provider in our directory or connect with our staff. Together we will help you get the help you need to end the crazy-making cycle of yo-yo dieting!


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