A Free Body Image Workshop

Discover how to find joy and acceptance in your body

You find yourself looking in the mirror, picking apart each section of the body that you wish were different: smaller, less bumpy, thinner, less flabby. You rarely see what you like; only attack what you don’t. You’re tired of this routine. You wish you could just let go of the hatred and focus on what’s really important in your life. You want to gain greater pleasure. Yet, when you’re so focused on your body, it’s hard to enjoy your life. You want to change but you’re not quite sure how.

We can help.

You can free yourself from these debilitating thoughts. You can have more space and energy to create the life you want. You can have greater self-confidence and comfort in your body. You can change these self-limiting beliefs that hold you back. A life without thinking about your body all the time will bring you greater joy and happiness.

In this free workshop, you will:

  • Uncover beliefs that keep you stuck in negative thoughts and feelings about your body.
  • Let go of blaming yourself for the patterns of self-hatred
  • Gain awareness and tools on how to release yourself from the thoughts that hold you hostage.
  • Walk away with hope for the future of body acceptance you truly want.
  • Connect with others who share similar struggles; you’ll learn that you’re not alone.
  • Let go of some of the shame that keeps your true self hidden.

This workshop is for any woman who is ready to let go of the cycle of short term success that brings long term failure. No matter how long you’ve struggled, this workshop will give you tools that work long term. You will learn that you can rise above the cycle that keeps you stuck. This workshop is led by Anne Cuthbert.

Join Anne and other women who feel the same as you!:
Date: Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Time: 6:00 – 8:30 pm
Location: 1235 SE Division Street

Register by calling (503) 766-3399:


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