Eat What You Want Without Guilt!

It’s Possible and It Works

A few weeks ago, I hosted a free teleseminar about the most important step to changing your relationship with food. If you haven’t already, listen to the teleseminar recording by clicking here.

This teleseminar addressed the step of eating whatever you want and letting go of the concept that food is good or bad. This step is the most important because it will single handedly allow you to feel peace and freedom around food. It will also limit the control of the binge part of you. It is an amazing and powerful step!

You may not believe me. You may agree with my arguments for why this step is important to take but you may not really allow yourself to take it. In fact, it is likely you will sabotage it in some way. So allow some of the experiences of my clients help you out.

We had a great discussion about this during the Step-by-Step Healing the Obsession Teleseminar Program. The program members talked about their challenges and successes with this step.

One member talked about how she didn’t really believe this would work but after trying it found herself staying away from the Halloween candy bowl for the first time. She reported trusting herself more too!

Another member said she started allowing more and more food into the house and now it stays in her cupboard without any need to eat it. She admitted to struggling with one aspect of it, however. She wasn’t totally trusting it was okay to eat the food. She was still feeling guilty about it later. When she began consciously reminding herself that she could eat it whenever she wanted, later today or tomorrow or whenever, she actually started to believe it and to trust it. She reported finally feeling freedom and peace with food!

Another client reported a decrease in criticism. She finally gave her body the food it craved and the intense craving for it disappeared. Now she eats what she wants and experiences no judgment of herself for it.

This will happen for you too! It really works! And it works best if you go for it all the way! So choose the best way for you to really allow yourself to eat what you want; to change good food/bad food thinking into “I am listening to my body and eating what it wants.” Do this with one food or one day during the week or whatever way you can without any back talk from the critical or disbelieving voice. I promise you will see results. It is powerful stuff!

Now, I didn’t say it would be easy. Although it totally can be, so don’t be surprised if it is. Doing this step is likely to bring up feelings of fear. You may also notice feeling excited (at the same time) because that part of you that wants the food will finally get to have it!

You have been taught since you started choosing your own food that certain foods are bad and will make you fat (which is the equivalent to being bad). Allowing yourself to feel that fear is a part of the path to healing your disordered eating. So feel the fear! I talked about this a lot more in the teleseminar so don’t hesitate to listen to the recording. You too can feel freedom from food! Go for it!

If you have any questions or would like to share your successes, please post a comment below! I want to support you in healing your relationship with food.


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