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New Book on Eating Disorder Recovery by Anne Cuthbert

25 Years of Experience Working with People with Eating Disorders Anne Cuthbert has been working with people with eating disorders, disordered eating, and body image concerns for 25 years. Emotions play a huge role in having eating disorder thoughts and behaviors. Disordered eating is just a way to keep feelings pushed down. It’s a coping […]

How to Talk to Your Teen About an Eating Disorder

For more information about how to cope and overcome an eating disorder, Food Is Not The Enemy is your informational resource. Connect with a counselor today! 360-726-4141 or 360-726-4141 How to Talk to Your Teen About an Eating Disorder According to the University of Chicago, teens are the age group most at risk for eating […]

Food for Thought – Too Sexy for Yourself

Nothing has meaning except the meaning you give it! Therefore, if you give your body the meaning that it’s sexy and you put on something you love wearing… you can go out into the world feeling sexy, beautiful, confident…whatever complimentary word you give it! I challenge you to try it… put on something you feel […]

Food for Thought – Clothes can make or break you

It is so important to wear clothes that you love and that fit! First, shame is NOT a motivator! So wearing clothes that are too tight only helps you focus on self-criticism of your body and how bad you feel. That waistband poking into your belly will take you away from your life and into […]

Food for Thought – Let’s ban the words “good” and “bad”

Perhaps the lamest words in the English language are “good” and “bad.” What does it mean? You might have a general sense of what one of these words mean but they are not real descriptors of, well, anything. The problem with making food, or anything, either “good” or “bad” is that it’s just not that […]

Food for Thought – You are not bad for wanting a cupcake!

You are not “bad” for wanting a cupcake! The problem with labeling food as “good” or “bad” is that you start to make yourself “good” or “bad” based on what you eat or want to eat. One of the first steps to ending disordered eating is to let go of these labels and eat what […]

Food for Thought – A Case for Emotions

I’m often asked, “Why do I need to feel my feelings… what good will it do?” My response is: How can you not. The only option if you don’t feel them is to push them down. This takes a ton of energy and leads to obsessive and addictive thinking and actions (like disordered eating). Feeling […]

Food for Thought – An Eating Disorder Has Benefits?

The benefit of having an eating disorder is that you can learn to listen to it. It has so much to teach you about what’s bothering you and what you’re feeling. Underneath the criticism it spews out is a voice that just feels shame, unworthy and unlovable. Believe it or not, that eating disorder voice […]

Food for Thought – Have Your Cake and Eat it Too

I often hear people tell me they wish they had a drug or alcohol addiction so they could just stop using or drinking. They believe it’s harder when it’s food. After all, we need to eat. But what if you can have your cake and eat it too? Addiction is about coping with feelings. When […]

Food for Thought – Health or Belonging

If you knew for sure that you could be healthy no matter your body size, would you still want to be thin? Is it really about health, as you say, or is it about trying to fit in? We all need to belong! It’s in our DNA. If the price of admission is thinness of […]

Food for Thought – If Your Hunger Could Talk

What if your hunger could talk? What would it say? What does it want you to know? Take a breath right now and ask your hunger what it wants. And then listen, really listen – without judgment if you can. Do this when you are hungry and when you aren’t. Is there a difference in […]

Food for Thought – The Real Enemy is Shame

Food is not the enemy, shame is. Shame is believing that you are rotten to your core. Dieting and eating perfect are only ways to try your best to improve on your rotten core – or at least to appear to others to be good enough. Map Directions to Food Is Not The Enemy [gmbv_business_map]

Food for Thought – What’s in a Number… Nothing!

BMI and/or the number on your scale mean nothing about your health! How can it? Health is so much more than just your height and weight. We are just too complex for such simplicity! So do your body and mind a favor and stop weighing yourself (or letting others weigh you). Weighing yourself only measures […]

Food for Thought – Body image is a Tough One

Most of my clients will feel better about their improved relationship to food more quickly than how they feel about their body. Try to remember that, just like it isn’t about food… it isn’t about your body either! When you catch yourself being critical about your body, asking yourself “What might this really be about?” […]

Food for Thought – Is it Hunger or Emotions

If you notice you’re afraid to be hungry, notice that this is really about fear of feeling the emptiness inside. A once-in-a-while hunger won’t kill you so it isn’t really about food. Allow yourself to be hungry and you will allow yourself to experience the true fear of the emptiness that is underneath. If you […]

Food for Thought – Stop Diet Thoughts

One of the most important steps you can take to return to a healthy relationship with food is to let go of thinking of food as “good” or “bad, “healthy” or “unhealthy.” In other words, let go of diet thoughts, words, and mindset. This step will help you let go of all the rules you […]

Food for Thought – The Negative Voice of Your Clothes

Is your closet full of clothes you don’t like, that don’t fit, that just bore you? Get rid of them! I know, easier said than done. If you are keeping clothes that don’t fit, you may be afraid of weight gain or loss and don’t want to go naked due to lack of cover. I […]

Food for Thought – One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

One step forward, two steps back may appear to be true. Yet that’s a black or white view. Success (or failure) is not black or white, nor good or bad. What if success and failure flowed like a stream. It changes, it ripples, it moves around a rock. It’s fluid yet still moves in the […]

Food for Thought – Personal Growth

Personal growth can be scary. True. Yet, how scary is it to not grow and change? Imagine it…. You’re the same person in 10 years that you are right now. How do you feel about that? [gmbv_business_map]

Anne’s Booth: The Counselor is In

Sign up for Anne’s Booth! Because the Counselor is IN! We all need help sometimes! If you need some help, that’s okay! I’m happy to help you and others during these no-cost session of Anne’s Booth. Join me and others who are ready to ask for the help they need. Below are the details on how […]

Stop the Diet Madness

I remember what it was like to feel so desperate to lose weight that I would do anything and try anything! I remember what it was like to obsess about how fat my thighs looked and how important it was to suck in my stomach. I remember what it was like to search the diet […]

What You Resist Persists

Imagine a bowl full of water. Inside the bowl, on top of the water is a cork. When you press on the cork, it is pushed under the water. When you let it go, it bobs up and down on the surface for a bit and then is motionless again on top of the water. […]

Honor YOU and International No Diet Day – May 6, 2014

Welcome to the No-Diet Boat! Meet some of the members of the boat with the “Lose the Diet, Gain Yourself” Telesummit Recordings: Get the support you need to be on this boat for good – begin today on International No Diet Day! In January of 2013, I presented the “Lose the Diet, Gain Yourself” Telesummit, […]

Are you lacking in love?

Are you lacking in love? Love from others. Love for yourself. Love for your body. These are often the items that my clients feel are lacking in their life. And I know just what that’s like too. I used to idolize my mother. I thought she was the best! So my lack of feeling loved […]

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