What is Night Eating Syndrome?

Night Eating Syndrome does not mean that the person is a “binger” but consumes most of their daily intake at night. These portion sizes are not necessarily large or consumed at a point where control is lost. The similarities come with the amount of guilt or shame the individual feels for their abnormal eating behavior or ritual.

It is also very likely that individuals with this disorder have a history of substance abuse or high cases of depression.

  • Do you eat at night even when you are not hungry?
  • Do you hide your food in front of others out of embarrassment?
  • Do you often continue eating even after you are uncomfortably full?
  • Does your eating schedule often include eating little to nothing in the morning and filling up on snack foods or high calories foods in the evening or middle of the night?
  • Do you have a history of dieting?
  • Depression/anxiety?
  • Negative body Image/low self esteem?
  • A perfectionist mentality?

There is a high case of college students that develop this habit and continue it well into their adulthood. Behaviors that result in night eating syndrome include but are not limited to working through breaks like lunch in order to eat more in the evening. It can greatly affect the individuals’ mood or ability to deal with stress related issues at work on engage in social activities.

This behavior can also be a stress response after going through a restrictive diet plan, feeling the need to compensate in the evening or night.

A well developed disorder can affect the individuals’ hormonal patterns, attracting unhealthy foods in their cravings and no longer having the desire for healthy, nutrient dense foods.

But take a deep breathe! Get help from our professionals who can help you identify eating patterns in your life that trigger your need to eat at night. Reach out to us by phone or email (whichever you are most comfortable with) and we can help you get the help you with all the initial and necessary steps to reach recovery! At your own pace, look through our directory and find and contact one of our providers! This is NOT your fault and is beatable! Just one phone call or email away can be the start of a healed mind and body! Call someone today 🙂