About Body Shame Therapy

Have you ever stopped and wondered how often you are clouded with media telling you to change your appearance, body shape, or overall look in order to be “prettier, thinner, tanner,” i.e. better?

Feeling the obligation to feed into these vicious ways of marketing is an example of Body Shaming. These subliminal and sometimes obnoxiously obvious messages from the media convince you that you must change in order to be “happy” and accepted by others.

It isn’t just the media! Have you been told by your parents, family members or friends that you should do something to change/fix/enhance your appearance? Diet talk is a great example of doing just that.

Do you even use Body Shaming of yourself to connect with others and to feel part of a group?

Some signs of Body Shaming:

  • Judging yourself or comparing yourself to others, wishing you were more like them?
  • Criticizing others’ appearance?
  • Internally or externally criticizing others without their knowledge?
  • Judging people based on their physical features?

This default to criticize others’ appearance when feeling insecure is certainly not uncommon. This can become the choice of judgement because it is often easier to target yours or another’s physical appearance, something that appears to be in one’s control, rather than admit to what you, yourself, are dealing with emotionally.

You can end Body Shaming and learn to find the positives in your appearance! No matter what your body shape or size, it is possible to accept yourself just as you are! In turn, you accept others too.

Stop the crazy making cycle of hating your body that never leads to self-improvement. Through our directory of professionals who understand the underlying emotions that drive the shame, we can help you:

  • identify why you feel inferior/insecure/inadequate
  • surround yourself with body-positive/motivating people
  • confront/eliminate people that promote body-shaming
  • journal/promote aspects of you that you like

Reach out to us by phone or email (whichever you are most comfortable with) and we can help you get the help you need to beat this and fall in love with yourself again! When you are ready, look through our directory and find and contact a counselor, anyone specialized in Body Shaming! We have provided a directory to help you receive the best possible care to reach recovery and heal your mind. Just one phone call or email away can be the start of your improved health! Call someone today